Vacuum Expo 2018 - 10-11 October 2018 - Industrial applications and scientific technologies

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Dear colleague - we encourage you to attend.

One of our themes this year is "Great things happen when people get together" we believe that time spent at an exhibition and conference is valuable quality time. It makes real conversations, real interactive discussions possible and lots of them ...

Vacuum Expo, with co-located Vacuum Symposium, is the premier event in the UK for vacuum, 'in-vacuum' and thin film technologies will take place on 10th & 11th October at the Ricoh Arena Coventry.

This year the event has some exciting additions, welcoming new partners, new exhibitors and new educational content.

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OktaLine ATEX | Magnetically coupled and ATEX certified Roots pumps.

Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces ATEX certified Roots pumps with a magnetic coupling to the vacuum market. Vacuum pumps in the OktaLine ATEX series are ideal for processes in explosive areas or for evacuating explosive gases according to the ATEX directive (2014/34/EU): in chemical and process technology applications, industrial applications, coating, the semiconductor industry and research & development.

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Free to visit technical programmes:

Thin Film & Coating Technologies for Science & Industry - more>
Surface Analysis - Innovations and Solutions for Industry more>
Vacuum in Food Manufacturing - more>

Silicon Photonics [Industry & Academia: Working Together in Silicon Photonics] - more>

More companies join the exhibition

Jacarem offer a range of Hermetic connectors and hermetically sealed feedthroughs for space and industrial vacuum applications. Our D-Sub feedthroughs are filled with an epoxy resin making them far more resilient to vibration, shock and damage compared to glass ceramic alternatives. Both sides of the feedthroughs are mounted with either 2 or 4 mounting holes, giving the customer the cost saving flexibility of removing and replacing them, if required. This avoids the costly scenario of having to replace the whole flange - website
Nor-Cal UK Ltd is the sole UK distributor for California based Nor-Cal Products Inc., one of the world’s market leaders in the manufacture and supply of stainless steel vacuum components. Nor-Cal provides the highest quality vacuum components, engineered solutions and technological leadership, and is the preferred supplier to several semiconductor and compound semiconductor equipment manufacturers - website
Plasma Quest provides a thin film coating service and sells vacuum sputter deposition equipment using the revolutionary HiTUS technique of Remote Plasma Generation - website
Through the use of RF technology we create innovative solutions for thermal process applications. Our products are renowned for their quality and durability. Our systems provide exceptional sealing, welding and heating process solutions to a wide variety of commercial sectors; including science, research, production and many other manufacturing supply chains.  Working closely with clients, considering needs and upholding ethical values, our dynamic and experienced team regularly develop new products and processes which are more environmentally sustainable than those they replace - website

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